Edmonton Early Intervention Program

Connect Society’s Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a unique developmental program specializing in serving children and their families affected by hearing loss. Your family may choose to participate in home visits, playgroups or both, as well as a number of other program services.

The Early Intervention Program staff are knowledgeable about infant and toddler development and hearing loss and its effects. The Early Intervention Program is individualized to meet the unique needs of each child and family. Families can choose to participate in the program activities that best fit their needs. While participating in the Early Intervention Program, families are eligible to access other community or hospital-based programs and services at the same time.

The Early Intervention Program team includes qualified Early Intervention Consultants who are developmental specialists, a speech language pathologist, family support workers and literacy and sign language specialists.

The Program Accepts:

  • Children with a diagnosed hearing loss, including mild to profound and unilateral loss
  • Children with hearing loss who have more complex/additional needs
  • Children with cochlear implants
  • Children who have Deaf or hard of hearing parents
  • Children between the ages of birth and 3 ½ who live in the Alberta Health Services Zone
  • Consultation support is available to families outside of the Edmonton Zone

What does the program offer you and your child?

  • Home visits
  • Information about hearing loss and child development
  • Activity ideas to promote communication and general child development
  • Developmental screening and speech and language assessments
  • Coordination with other developmental resources, professionals, and services, e.g. audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology
  • Support at medical or audiology appointments
  • Assistance in planning for your child’s preschool years
  • Developmental play groups which explore ways to create opportunities for talking and listening with your child through a variety of activities and also have a chance to connect and share experiences with other parents. Specifically the Developmental Language Playgroup is available to families participating in the Early Invention Program (EIP) at Connect Society. This group runs for 6-8 weeks with 1.5 hour sessions and usually is offered twice a year depending on need. Click to register for Developmental Play Groups.

Other Connect Society programs and services available to your child and family

Family Support Services

Family Support Services provides information, resources and referrals to help you with concerns that affect your family life.

Literacy Program

The Literacy program provides program activities that promote early literacy and social interaction skills for children.  A resource lending library is available to families.

In-Home Sign Language Instruction

The in-home sign communication program is designed for families to enhance their relationship with their children through signed communication skill building in the natural environment of their home.  Sign language instructors provide strategies and activities to facilitate communication and vocabulary building related to a family’s interests and activities.  Typically a session is once per week for 8 weeks during the day, evening or weekend.  The family chooses the goals and priorities and determines the focus, pace, content and participants involved in the service.  Service is based on need and determined annually.

Contacting the Program

Kathy Holinski

Kathy Holinski

Early Intervention Program Manager / Family Support Manager


Contact Kathy: