Edmonton Family Support Services

The Family Supports Services Program offers assistance to families with a Deaf or hard of hearing member to promote strengthened relationships, safe and nurturing home and school environments and access to the resources they need. We do this by supporting families to develop meaningful bonds with each other, do more things together and understand and respond to their children’s needs and are able to cope and manage the challenges of raising their child. We build connections so parents feel supported, are more aware and able to access resources and services in their communities and feel more confident to advocate for their family’s needs.

 The Program Accepts:

  • Families with children from birth to 18 years
  • One or more family members [parent or child] has a hearing loss

What does the program offer my family?

In Home Consultation and Support
  • A Family Support Consultant meets with parents to discuss and share information, resources and referral, on issues that parents might identify.
School Transition Support
Future educational placements are explored with the help of the transition coordinator and your child’s educational learning team.

The transition coordinator works alongside parents and caregivers as they visit schools, talk with principals and teachers, and make a decision for your child’s future education placement.

Parent Support Group

Our Family Support Team offers a Parent Support Group with fun activities, sign language learning, and the opportunity to meet other parents!

Click here for our November group flyer

Contacting the Program

Kathy Holinski

Kathy Holinski

Early Intervention Program Manager / Family Support Manager


Contact Kathy: